Mabon Harvest

Yep, it’s bottling time again. This time it’s the Treequinox Mead, Dandelion Sumac Mead, and Whole Strawberry Mead. And a bountiful harvest it was:

25 bottles of Treequinox, Dandelion Sumac, and Whole Strawberry Mead

The colors this time are all somewhat similar, but there are subtle differences; the Strawberry has a deeper reddish hue, the Dandelion is yellowish, closest to a traditional, plain mead, and the Treequinox has a greenish tint to it. The differences are more visible in this closeup:

The three batches up close. I particularly like the Treequinox label, it came out great!

Now that I have empty jugs, it’s racking time of course. Next to be racked are the Spruce Tip Mead, which has been in primary fermentation since the end of May, and the Blueberry Nettle Mead that I did at the Mead Workshop in Auburn at the end of July. Then of course I will have empty carboys, so I’m already planning the next batches….