Next Meadmaking Workshop: January 24, 2015

The last meadmaking workshop at The Honey Exchange in Portland was a great success, and sadly we had to turn people away at the door! We have rescheduled another class to accommodate the great interest in meadmaking. Needless to say I’m very happy to help foster more meadmakers in the world!

On Saturday, January 24, 2015 from 1:30-4:30pm, I will be teaching a “From Alcohol to Alchemy – the Lore and Craft of Mead” workshop. Class registration is $50. Complete meadmaking kits are on sale for $75, and a variety of bulk honey is available starting at $50 per gallon (enough to start your first 3 gallon batch of mead.)

This workshop will include:

  • A talk on the Lore, history, cultural, and nutritional aspects of mead
  • A copy of The Lore And Craft of Mead eBook
  • A demonstration as I brew up a batch of mead
  • An (optional) opportunity to acquire your brewing gear and make your first batch of mead under expert supervision, keeping both the gear and the mead you make! I will provide 2-3 gallons of freshly gathered spring water for everyone making mead at no additional charge.

To register or for more information, call Phil or Meghan at The Honey Exchange, 207-773-9333.

This class is limited to 6 people for space, so register quickly before this one fills up too!