The Mead Hall: Episode 2

Episode 2 of The Mead Hall is now up. In it, I continue the stories about Mead taken from our Scandinavian ancestors. I get a kick out of this story from the Gylfaginning in the Prose Edda because it shows just how important mead was to them — not only could you not have a feast without mead, but there had to be adequate mead for everyone, to the point where a mile-wide kettle was needed to produce enough mead for a feast for the gods. :-)

Aegir’s Feast

This episode tells the story of the dilemma of Aegir’s Feast, where Aegir did not have a big enough kettle to brew enough mead for his feast for the Gods. Thor comes to the rescue, winning a mile-wide mead kettle from the giant Hymir through force and cunning, evading the giantess Crone with 900 Heads, and nearly capturing The Midgard Serpent in the process.

I did all the narration, except for the Giantess and the Giantess Crone With 900 Heads characters, who were voiced by my lovely wife. I also composed and performed all the background music for this episode on guitar, bass, and drum programming.