Grizzled Skald Traditional & Bochet

It’s been a while since I’ve made mead, and I had all 4 carboys available to me. So I decided to make 2 batches each of my current favorite flavors of mead: traditional and a bochet. The bochet is a traditional but with caramelized honey. And this time, thanks to a new smartphone, I took some footage and made a simple video:

The traditionals were made with my standard chaga sumac tea. I was low on sumac after that, so for the bochet I made a chaga decoction as usual, then steeped sumac and hibiscus in it.

Both batches were mixed up to about an 18% initial alcohol potential. But because I ran out of honey at the end, the 2 bochet batches are a bit smaller than usual. They came out nice!

The 2 on the left are the bochets, with the darker color. This will be a good harvest!