Samhain Harvest 2012

This season’s harvest is a beautiful one:

Cherry Chaga Ginseng, Blueberry Mullein, and Happy Strawberry Mead

Three fabulous berry meads from 2012. The Happy Strawberry (made with St Johns Wort) has a light and crisp flavor, perfect reflection of a summertime mead. The Blueberry Mullein, made with twice as many berries as I usually use, has an unbelievably rich, almost thick mouth feel and is just delightful. And the Cherry Chaga Ginseng has the most complex flavor of the three, with the bitterness from both the Ginseng and the chokecherries.

All 3 batches cleared nicely:

A bountiful harvest.

With a bonus closeup of the Blueberry Mead:

Blueberry Mead!