BardicBrews.net is a place to explore some of the lost mysteries, techniques, and magic of ancient brewing, and the lore and stories of our ancestors. We seem to be mostly interested meads (as opposed to beers, ales, wines, etc.) these days, so the content of the site reflects this.

In addition to the content of this site, we also do periodic mead workshops in the local community. We are based in Maine but may be willing to travel to do mead workshops. Contact us for more details (see contact info at the bottom of this page).

At this time, BardicBrews.net is NOT a commercial brewery, we are hobbyist homebrewers. Selling homebrew is illegal. We do, however, love to share our craft. Your best bet to try our brews would be to stop by one of our fireside gatherings some night…. bring your drinking horn if you have one, as well as some of your own brews to share.

JWL is the brewmeister of this site. I have been brewing various concoctions for many years, starting with clone beer recipes. I got to a point where, in brewing with a more experienced friend, my favorite beers to drink were my own homebrews. Then, as I was getting more into the health and nutrition scene, I discovered that the herbal properties of hops were not something I really wanted to incorporate into my health strategy.

I began experimenting with beers/ales brewed with herbs other than hops, and was just starting to get some interesting results when I brewed my first batch of mead (an overly-sweet mulberry mead) under the tutelage of Harper Meader. It’s safe to say that I have had almost zero interest in beer since this first batch of mead that I brewed in the late fall of 2009.

Now, my goal is to create the healthiest, most energetic, next-level brews that I can, using the highest-quality local, organic, and wild ingredients, recreating the alchemical techniques of our ancestors.

Harper Meader, in addition to being JWL‘s meadmaking mentor, is an occasional contributor to this site. He has been making mead for a quarter-century, over which time he has perfected his “Stir With Your Arm, Measure By The Fistful” method of meadmaking.

As of 2017, there are no longer products available for purchase here, namely my meadmaking eBook, The Lore And Craft Of Mead. If anyone out there is reading this and wants a copy, contact me and we will work something out. Send an email to brewmeister AT the domain name of this site. Die, spam, die.

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