MeadFest 2011, and podcast interview

Last week Eli and I drove to Boston for MeadFest 2011. There were 4 Meaderies there sampling their wares. It was great to meet some fellow mead enthusiasts, and to finally sample some worthy commercial meads! I must admit, I haven’t had a large number of commercial meads, and very few of those I have tried compare to the homebrews I am used to from myself and my tribe. It was nice to know that there are good commercial meads in the world!

On the trip down, Eli and I recorded a podcast episode, talking about mead (of course), as well as the UFF’s mission more broadly. When I’m not involved with mead, my family and I have been doing a weekly podcast for the past 2 years or so, chronically our family’s journey toward conscientious living through nutrition and sustainability. We began the podcast as raw vegans, and have evolved our thinking/practices since then to a more primal, locavore-oriented philosophy. We’ve been anxious to get Eli onto the show since I first encountered UFF last year.

So if you want to hear more about mead, or the UFF and its mission, point your browser to our podcast page and listen to Episode 97 (the most recent one as of this writing). Mead enthusiasts might also be interested in Episode 86 (interview with my meadmaking mentor, Harper Meader), as well as Episode 49, where I talked about mead (basically an intro to mead from my point of view). There are many other topics on the podcast that might interest UFFies as well; take a peek at the contents page and see what sounds good to you.

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