Inaugural Meadmaking Workshop

The Inaugural Meadmaking Workshop last night was a great success! Thanks so much to Eli Cayer at UFF and Daniel Vitalis for co-conspiring the workshop with me. Also, thanks to Ali and Jason for the backline support. And most of all, thanks to all the mead lovers who came to share stories and skills. There are about a dozen new batches of mead in the world after our workshop!

Jason Arno took some great photos:

U-F-F! U-F-F!
Beautiful fermentation room @ UFF
Great artwork @ UFF
Ready for a great workshop!
Daniel Vitalis speaking on the nutrition of mead, and the controversy over ethanol in the health community
On one hand....
On the break, between Daniel's talk and hands-in meadmaking
Must inside a fabulous crock! These crocks are also great for sauerkraut, available @ UFF
"Stir with your arm, measure by the fistful"
Making mead!
Beautiful meads being made!
A berry mead, probably blueberry
Pouring the must into the carboy
Crazy two-color mead. This is either an apple mead or a goji/cranberry mead. Once it's done fermenting it will all be the same color.
Blackberry mead, you can see the berries floating on top
Either a plain or an apple mead

What a great night! For people who attended, I promised you a free PDF copy of the meadmaking booklet. If you don’t remember how to get it, contact me and we’ll get you sorted out.

For those of you who missed the workshop, we’re gonna take a break for a bit, but are already co-conspiring to bring you more events at UFF in 2011.

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