Mead Workshop Details presents:

From Alcohol To Alchemy:
The Lore, Craft, and Nutrition of Mead

Tuesday, November 16, 7-10pm
At the Urban Farm Fermentory
200 Anderson St. – Bay 4
Portland, ME 04101

General Admission, $35
42 spots available ($45 at the door)

– or –

Get Your Gear, Brew Your Mead, $125
only 12 spots available, including:

  • Admission ($35 value)
  • Brewing Kit ($60 value) — you keep all the brewing equipment
  • Ingredient Kit ($40 value) — your first batch will produce 10-12 bottles of mead for you to enjoy
  • Hand-holding: consult with James Lindenschmidt in advance to plan your first batch of mead, and brew onsite with guidance during workshop
  • You keep everything, you will take home the 3 gallon carboy full of what will become mead in a few weeks (about 10-12 bottles).

Workshop includes:

  • Short talk on Mead Lore by James Lindenschmidt of
  • One-Hour lecture on the Nutrition and Alchemy of Mead by Daniel Vitalis
  • Meadmaking Craft workshop with James Lindenschmidt, where you will see several batches of mead being made, and have the opportunity to brew your own first batch of mead

Also Available At The Workshop:

Brewing Equipment Kit
Optional, available at event
$60 includes:

  • 3 gallon glass carboy
  • funnel
  • stopper
  • airlock
  • siphon hose
  • hydrometer

Ingredient Kit
Optional, available at event
$40 includes:

  • 1 gallon of honey
  • 1 packet of brewing yeast

Preregistration will begin soon. Watch this space! In the meantime if you require more information, contact us.