Slow Fermentation

By talking about “slow fermentation,” I’m not referring to a fermentation technique but rather about the phenomenon that fermentation seems to slow down in the colder weather. Despite the fact that my brews stay indoors where we have heat, the ambient temperatures are lower, which is enough to slow down the yeast.

Last summer, I was blasting through berry meads that finished primary fermentation in 3 or 4 weeks. Now, I have a batch of Cacao Mead 2.0 that’s been fermenting since mid-December, and it’s only now ready to rack (now gotta find time to do it). In addition, the Prickly Pear Mead is ready to rack as well. Finally!

In the winter, my mead stocks get low because they aren’t replenished as quickly. I’m definitely looking forward to both replenishing my mead stock, and brewing more frequently with fresh ingredients from my ecosystem!

In addition, I have some INCREDIBLY exciting news in the pipeline that I can’t quite share just yet. Watch this space, because when this news becomes reality a lot of things will change, for the better (how’s THAT for a cryptic message)!